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  • Computers in Teaching and Learning The Computers in Teaching and Learning website is provided by:
    Staffordshire University Learning Development Staff. It has (somewhat dated) links to sites covering the use of WWW for Learning and Teaching, Pedagogy, Distance Learning, Collaborative Learning, and many other topics.
  • Community Network Project (British Columbia, CA) The Community Learning Network, is a site designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into the classroom. It has over 5,800 annotated links to educational sites with free resources, all organized by theme pages and keyword search.
  • Distance Learning - (Somewhat Dated) English and French Language Resources
  • is a comprehensive site listing colleges, grad schools and professional schools (MBA and Law schools.)  Their free search engine gives you basically everything you need to know about a college and will tell you if you can enroll online
  • Internet Scout Project Since 1994, the Internet Scout Project has focused on research and development projects that provide better tools and services for finding, filtering and delivering online information and metadata.
  • International Centre for Distance Learning - Open University ICDL distance education databases contain information on over 31,000 distance learning programs and courses mostly in the Commonwealth countries, over 1,000 institutions teaching at a distance worldwide, and over 11,000 abstracts of books, journal articles, research reports, conference papers, dissertations and other types of literature relating to all aspects of the theory and practice of distance education. Provided by the Institute of Educational Technology and Library of the Open University (Great Britain)
  • SyllabusWeb Now Campus Technology. Rich resource for all types of technology issues for college campuses.
  • Knowledge Net Explorer Includes Blue Web'n, an online library of 2186 outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (tools, references, lessons, hotlists, resources, tutorials, activities, projects). You can also browse by broad subject area (Content Areas) or specific sub-categories (Subject Area).

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